1. VIRGO INTACTA – point
  2. RAINLOVERS – macro soul
  3. UNKLE OZ – iceland
  4. SPORTOLOTO VS SIRIUS 202 – acid needs no fame
  5. D-PULSE – girls like you
  6. [V]ARGA – reboot my bouty
  7. METROPOLIZ – the gun
  8. SPORTLOTO – forsage 2004
  9. IRR – hard step
  10. PRIME MANIFESTO – mathematics
  11. LOGGERHEAD – maschine
  12. ROCKETBOY – broken ice


izhevsk dance machine

The track "iceland" by Unkle Oz is kindly provided by the artist. Released in Iceland by Thule Musik.

KAMA records is back with yet another compilation of today's electronic sounds generated in the AK-47 home city of Izhevsk. Don't be deceived by its title, this IDM acronym here means something different from now stereotypical pick-up name that is more of a snobby attitude than stylistic approach it was initially. "Izhevsk Dance Machine" is what is stands for as designed by the compilers and is ironically reminiscent of the 70s-80s German electro disco projects such as "Munich Machine". "Izhevsk Dance Machine" is equally about uncompromising dance sound, timeless beat, restrained melodism and apocalyptical vibe. The musical span of this compilation, despite its vividly fashionable "electro" component, takes you to a new sonic dimension that is full of reason and freedom. It exists between snobbism and animal instinct, pomp and faked self-control. In a nutshell, Izhevsk scene comes up with a new music. It is clearly a result of all new things of the global musical melting pot as it is a logical progression of Izhevsk electronic music tradition as well. The local scene has been well known in Russia as running parallel and thus ahead of all the rest. Today, it brings up this new music designed for both body and mind movement, The music that avoids being the mentioned IDM, stubborn EBM , purist synth pop or simply straight forward techno, trance or break beat.
"Izhevsk Dance Machine" is rather an artifact compared to current sounds or Russian electronica. This is an intuitive learning of the past 20-year's history of electronic music. For the new musical generation of Izhevsk, it is a study of the basics, it is finally becoming literate. It is a proper view of priorities and heroes. And, luckily, it's all done before the music that is the result of this process, becomes a new fashion here.

kama records

Recently named as the new 'capital of Russian electronic music' by The Wire magazine, the city of Izhevsk continues to release quality music through the extremely active Kama Records. This time they present a nice compilation of shiny electro-ish tunes, which will work very well on the dance floor, and provide an energy burst for those who prefer home listening. Most tracks on the compilation are produced by home-grown Izhevsk electronic projects, featuring tracks from the already renowned D-Pulse, Sportloto and Loggerhead along with the up and coming artists such as Prime Manifesto and Rocketboy. The majority of the material here is based on electro and techno rhythms, but it shifts towards other musical genres, like the opening shamanic piece by Virgo Intacta, or the more industrial track by IRR. There is also a proper vocal hit here, by a new and promising project Metropoliz from the Russian mining city of Magnetogorsk. The international contribution to the compilation is the piece by Uncle Oz - veteran electronic producer from Iceland also known as Ozy.
Most of the tracks on Izhevsk Dance Machine are exclusive to this compilation. Dance now!


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